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    Huge ridiculous update (New video, new store, new video page, blah blah)

    Wow I’m pooped.  Ok here’s what’s new:

    • The next pronunciation video is done.  Check it out here.  (or here for the direct youtube link)

    • The video page has been completely redone; it’s a lot friendlier.

    The Tower of Babelfish Store is officially open, with its first product. (!)  As a thanks for helping to test out the store and see if I set it up at all correctly, the first 5 people who use the discount code Test_My_Shop will get a 33.33% discount. :) [Update: Store doesn't like being in frames.  I think I've found all the links that put it in frames and killed them - please let me know if you find one I missed! (thank you Mark)]

    • The first product is an English Pronunciation Anki deck, which covers all of the International Phonetic Alphabet symbols that are found in the English language, as well as recordings for each sound.  Here’s a note about the decision to sell Anki decks here. [demo link fixed - thanks David!]

    Contact form has been changed to a WordPress plugin

    • All the social networking buttons now bookmark the individual pages they’re on, so if you click the Facebook share button on the Learn Italian page, it’ll share the Italian page to Facebook.

    • Video tutorial for importing compressed decks with media files into Anki (like the English Pronunciation deck) has been added.

    • CSSEdit is a magical thing!  Wordpress portions of site now look like the rest of the site!

    • Facebook like buttons  e v e r y w h e r e

    • Navigation menu replaced with something that should be a bit more browser/platform compatible

    • Sidebar now works, as does search function.

    If you find something broken, please let me know! I’ve changed at least 2 things on every page of the site and I imagine something got messed up.

    That’s all!  Cheers -Gabe

    Man, videos take a long time!

    Alright, 3 videos done, 3-4 to go this week. These take an enormous amount of work! I’m kind of shocked! Anyways, I hope they’re helpful! I’ve covered:

    1: How to install and set up Anki/Ankiweb/Dropbox (Mac version) 2: The basic idea - how to start making your picture cards 3: First tutorial on English pronunciation and the International Phonetic Alphabet (Voicing and Place)

    Videos 1-2 are up, #3 needs some tweaking and will be up this weekend. Still on the docket:

    Tutorial 2 on Pronunciation: Manner/The English Consonants Tutorial 3 on Pronunciation: Intro to Vowels 1 Tutorial 4 on Pronunciation: Intro to Vowels 2