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    Total Site Redesign!

    UnknownAs you may have noticed, the whole site has been redesigned from the ground up in WordPress. Everything should be much easier to find (and much easier to update). I can use your help! If something is broken or looks weird, let me know! Send me a screenshot, if possible, and let me know what browser you’re using. Many thanks.

    Exciting book news coming soon!

    Ok, giving WordPress a whirl.

    I’ve moved the blog part to WordPress, on the heavy insistance of some of my friends.  (Hi David)  Hopefully this will make it easier to follow!

    Site updates:

    • Spanish section added, other languages will be made to fit the model of the Spanish section
    • Going to record the second English pronunciation tutorial in the next few days (maybe today, we’ll see!)
    • SEO optimization, little tweaks throughout the site.

    Stuff you can expect in the next few weeks:

    • 3 more English Pronunciation tutorials
    • Free Anki deck links (my personal decks)
    • Eventually, user friendly Anki decks for sale.
    • Some Russian specific updates

    That’s it!  Enjoy!

    Website Launch

    Welcome to the website launch! I’ve been debating on whether to launch this website before or after sending my book proposals to agents, but there are just too many people asking for language help, and I might as well give it in a public format! (Also it gives me something useful to do while I wait for each step along the publishing process!)

    Short Term Plans include:
    -Descriptions of the upcoming books (well, except for the seeeecret one)
    -An overview of the method
    -Youtube tutorials for getting Anki up and running
    -Examples from my decks

    Long Term Plans include:
    -Professionally designed International Phonetic Alphabet/language-specific decks for 4-5 languages
    -Professionally recorded minimal pair pronunciation recordings for 4-5 languages