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  • Total Site Redesign!

    Posted on by

    UnknownAs you may have noticed, the whole site has been redesigned from the ground up in WordPress. Everything should be much easier to find (and much easier to update). I can use your help! If something is broken or looks weird, let me know! Send me a screenshot, if possible, and let me know what browser you’re using. Many thanks.

    Exciting book news coming soon!

    10 thoughts on “Total Site Redesign!

    1. Mike

      I just noticed something else: The “Older posts” and “Newer posts” links at the bottom of each blog page take you to the first page (the latest entries). The URL changes, but the page itself doesn’t. (I saw the same behavior on Chrome 27.0.1453.93, Firefox 19.0.2, and Safari 5.1.9.)

      By the way, did I miss the exciting book news? It’s very close to June 1 now…

      1. Gabriel Wyner Post author

        Well that’s weird, and definitely needs fixing! Thank you!

        You haven’t missed any book announcements, as I still need to figure out what I’m allowed to say and when!

        For now, I *can* say that I’ve finished and submitted the manuscript a week ago or so, and I should have final editorial approval within the next few weeks. And I can say that the book is really good [and that wasn't always the case! :) ]


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