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    How to search multiple websites fast (for Word research)

    Search Multiple Websites

    I’ve talked about using iMacros in the past. Basically, you click a button, a dialogue pops up and asks you “Which word do you want to look up?” and in 4 seconds, you have a Google Images link to the word, a recording, a bilingual dictionary entry and a monolingual dictionary entry. Magic. Typically, it’s a bit of a pain to set up, but in preparation for an upcoming workshop, I’ve decided to make it a lot easier.

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    How to use iMacros to automate your word research

    Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 9.48.46 AMWhen I learn a new word, I look it up in 4 places:

    1. Google Images on Steroids (Hungarian site, basic mode, inside of Google Translate) [I talk about setting this up here]
    2. for audio recording (Skipping to Hungarian entry directly)
    3. A decent Hungarian-English Dictionary (I use Sztaki szótár)
    4. A decent Hungarian-Hungarian Dictionary (I use Wikiszótár, inside of Google Translate)

    This gives me everything I need to make my cards quickly, but it’s a pain in the butt to enter my word into Anki, then do it 4 more times into the search fields, especially when #1 and #4 (the sites I’ve preloaded into Google translate) don’t let you enter things into their search fields directly (it kills the Google translate part).

    I found a solution last night.

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    (Jailbroken) iPhone Tutorial: How to set up a custom Russian Phonetic keyboard layout on your jailbroken iPhone

    This might be for a somewhat small audience, but if you have a jailbroken iPhone, there’s a great $2 app in the Cydia store that lets you customize a 5-row, 41 character keyboard (and if you really want to go nuts with it, you can set it up with 82 characters, taking advantage of the shift key).

    This tutorial will explain how to set this keyboard up to make a Russian Phonetic keyboard layout, which doesn’t seem to exist on the iPhone at all.

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