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My workshop intro video includes a number of review snippets, but I figured I’d give you as much information as I can. At the end of my workshop last April, we asked participants to fill out an online feedback form. Here’s what they said:

Would you recommend this workshop to your friends and family?



We got permission from eight participants to publish their reviews (and three let us use their names).
Here are all of them, unedited:

“Great innovative approach and compilation of learning practices! Seems like mastering a new language is not so difficult any more. Good starting point to embark your journey into learning a new language.”
- Desislava Kaytazova

“After struggling to learn other languages for years, I decided to try out this workshop. I’m so glad I did! I found the beginning of the workshop to be very interesting. The explanation of how memory works and making a personal connection to things helped me realize why I was having so many problems memorizing vocabulary. I like the technique of connecting new words to objects rather than the English translation. With the Anki decks I think I’ll be able to learn new words much easier.

“I also liked the examples of Anki cards. It was nice to see some ways to make the cards, but also see the freedom of the program to make our own.

“The most memorable thing I learned was the mnemonics idea. I’ve been struggling with the articles in German for quite some time. This idea of connecting them to a verb and visualizing them together is great!

“I also love how organized this method is. It makes perfect sense to start with sounds then move to the most important words. I just wish I had started learning languages like this earlier!”
- Nicole Grogan

“How to Master Any Language is a system that is absolutely perfect for busy individuals who can self-organize.  There were incredibly pragmatic tips, functional and helpful tools, and the instructor was extremely well informed and enthusiastic.  It was great to finally see a time-saving method that actually WORKS and is scientifically supported applied to several key aspects of language acquisition, and I would recommend this course to anyone interested in improving or developing their foreign language skills.”
- Chanda Vanderhart

“I was most impressed by Gabe Wyner’s enthusiasm for and practical approach to language learning, which he conveyed with energy and clarity.

“The exercise where we used mnemonics to assign gender to words was a brilliant practical demonstration of how a simple trick can make a big difference - I wish I had known about this technique when studying German!

“The workshop was well prepared, and Gabe was generous in sharing his own materials and providing us with very useful resources (e.g. first 625 word list, audio samples).

“I liked the ‘then and now’ slide at the end - seeing all the information we had been given arranged into a series of steps made it seem manageable, and allowed us to chose where to focus first (depending on experience so far).

The presentation was well put together and comprehensible, with good graphics and succinct explanations. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed, with any questions and comments welcomed.”

“It was a great workshop. Gabe not only knows exactly what he is talking about, but also how to communicate it. Every language teacher should be obliged to participate this workshop!”
“Although it was very much of new information and a long day it is possible to manage this because Gabe is a really good speaker and knows what he is talking about. You can feel his enthusiasm about this topic and this makes the workshop very interesting.”
(Note: The original workshop was a single, 10-hour marathon of a day. Since then, we’ve decided to break it up into 2 days)
“Found the workshop a great motivation for learning a language with a totally self learning methodology.”
“Super workshop!”

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