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    Base vocabulary list for all languages!

    I’ve written a base vocabulary list of 400 words.  You can dump these into Anki right at the beginning to give you some words to play with.  This will give you some time to start learning grammar and checking words off of your target language’s frequency list.


    Minor cosmetic updates, and added Harry Potter books to the Learn Russian page.

    Learn Mandarin Chinese section done! Update to Learn Japanese…

    Access the new Learn Mandarin Chinese section here! I’ve also updated the Learn Japanese section to include Heisig’s excellent Remembering the Kanji/Remembering the Kana books.

    Added an easier to find link to my Anki decks if you want to look at them in the general Languages Resources section

    And last but not least, I think I finally got WordPress to fit inside of this blog without scroll bars on the bottom.  Please let me know if you see horizontal scroll bars under the blog, and if so, what operating system/browser you’re using!

    Also, if you’re just stopping by and you’d like to get an email whenever the book is available, contact me and I’ll send you an email when it’s out!  You can also follow the site on Facebook!

    Japanese added! Fonts changed, Social Media Buttons, Anki decks fixed..

    Resources for learning Japanese have been added, as well as social media buttons (click like! It’s fun!), some cosmetic tweaks and the Italian and French Anki deck links have been fixed (under Languages -> Learn Italian/French/Russian)

    I’ve changed the website fonts around to make them more compatible with various browsers; please let me know if you have weird behaviors, images on top of text, whole paragraphs italic, etc (and if so, what computer/browser you’re using!)


    Big update!

    Updates all around the site.  You can find them here;

    • The Method (General Page, step by step instructions)
    • Learn French, Learn English, Learn German, Learn Italian, Learn Spanish and Learn Russian pages all got huge updates.
    • My personal Anki decks (French, Russian, Italian) have been added, although there’s a huge disclaimer about how that’s a bad idea :)

    Enjoy!  As always, let me know if there are any questions! -Gabe 

    Ok, giving WordPress a whirl.

    I’ve moved the blog part to WordPress, on the heavy insistance of some of my friends.  (Hi David)  Hopefully this will make it easier to follow!

    Site updates:

    • Spanish section added, other languages will be made to fit the model of the Spanish section
    • Going to record the second English pronunciation tutorial in the next few days (maybe today, we’ll see!)
    • SEO optimization, little tweaks throughout the site.

    Stuff you can expect in the next few weeks:

    • 3 more English Pronunciation tutorials
    • Free Anki deck links (my personal decks)
    • Eventually, user friendly Anki decks for sale.
    • Some Russian specific updates

    That’s it!  Enjoy!