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  • Announcing Workshops!

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    WorkshoplogoA few months ago, I put together a workshop at the University of Vienna on language learning. It was kind of a monster; we started at 9am on a Saturday and ended a bit after 7pm, with a 1 hour lunch break. 9 hours of teaching in a day. By the end, everyone was naturally a bit wiped out, but we had so much fun. I really like teaching in that format, and all the attendees really liked learning this stuff. The feedback forms were just overwhelmingly positive, and aside from a few suggestions to split the material into a 2-day workshop, it seems like we landed on a really good format for teaching my whole method in a weekend.

    So I want to do this a lot more often.

    Starting today, I’m planning two 2-Day workshops in Los Angeles for mid July, along with another 2-Day workshop in Vienna in November. I’m also interested in doing some East Coast workshops in August/September/October, though I don’t have quite the same network there as I do in Los Angeles/Vienna, so those are a little more tentative. But honestly, if I can drum up enough interest (let me know!), I’d happily flit around the world putting on workshops all the time. It’s fun to teach this stuff.

    Anyway, you’ll find all the details, along with a fancy video with clips from the Vienna workshop and comments from the feedback forms at the new Workshop section of the website. If you want to attend one, but I’m not offering one in your area, let me know. If I get enough interest in a certain region, I may set one up near you.

    7 thoughts on “Announcing Workshops!

    1. Mike

      Would any of the course materials be useful to people who can’t make it to the workshops, and if so, would you be willing to make them available separately?

      If not, I’d like to make a plug for Seattle.

      1. Gabriel Wyner Post author

        They wouldn’t be all that useful, unfortunately. However, if all goes well, there might be a Seattle option coming up soon: I’m hoping to record a workshop for in their Seattle studios sometime after December. I’ll announce that here as soon as I have more info. There’s probably some way to attend in person (they do live streaming workshops, but there are definitely real, live workshop attendees in their audiences), so I’ll post info about that when I have it.

    2. Shika

      Would it be possible to do an online workshop, since It will be more readily available to people. I’m sure there are people in states such as Idaho or other states that won’t drum up the interest necessary to have you do a workshop there. Plus, there could be a way to go back and maybe re-watch a video incase you missed something…..just a suggestion. Love your mehtod

      1. Gabriel Wyner Post author

        I’m going to do NYC workshops on August 10-11th! I’m still working on a venue, but I should have one within the next couple of weeks. I’d love to see you there!


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