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How to use Anki to learn pronunciation

Youtube videos are a great way to demonstrate some of these concepts - you can see exactly what I’m suggesting, hear pronunciation examples, etc.  Enjoy!

Video Tutorials

Tutorial 3: Installing downloaded .zip decks

This is a quick tutorial on how to install a downloaded compressed deck with a media folder, like the English Pronunciation Deck I’ve made. 

Summary: If you have a local deck (no Dropbox syncing), all you have to do is import the deck and your media should automatically transfer.

If you use Dropbox syncing, you'll need to manually copy and paste the contents of the folder into the media folder of your target deck (and if there's no media folder, make one - it should be a folder called in your Dropbox/Public/Anki/ directory.)

Currently available tutorials:

    Installing and setting up Anki, AnkiWeb and Dropbox (Mac)

    Adding your first picture cards from a frequency list

    Installing downloaded decks with media files

    A link to Damien Elmes’ Anki configuration tutorials

Coming soon:

    Installing and setting up Anki, AnkiWeb and Dropbox (PC)

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