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  • Man, videos take a long time!

    Posted on by

    Alright, 3 videos done, 3-4 to go this week. These take an enormous amount of work! I’m kind of shocked! Anyways, I hope they’re helpful! I’ve covered:

    1: How to install and set up Anki/Ankiweb/Dropbox (Mac version) 2: The basic idea - how to start making your picture cards 3: First tutorial on English pronunciation and the International Phonetic Alphabet (Voicing and Place)

    Videos 1-2 are up, #3 needs some tweaking and will be up this weekend. Still on the docket:

    Tutorial 2 on Pronunciation: Manner/The English Consonants Tutorial 3 on Pronunciation: Intro to Vowels 1 Tutorial 4 on Pronunciation: Intro to Vowels 2

    2 thoughts on “Man, videos take a long time!

      1. gwyner Post author

        That’s odd. You might want to play with the fonts that Anki is defaulting to. I’ve heard of that happening on some Windows installations, where the default font doesn’t support all the IPA characters.


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