The English Pronunciation and International Phonetic Alphabet Anki Deck

The English Pronunciation /
International Phonetic Alphabet Anki Deck


This deck contains 121 cards that cover the following topics:

• Each sound in the English language (50 facts, 100 cards) with a recording, examples of each sound, the IPA symbol, and notes (for the consonants) about Place/Voicing/Manner.  Vowels are based on General American pronunciation, though I include the main vowels/diphthongs of Received Pronunciation (“British” English).

• Three utility symbols of the IPA (symbols for long, primary stress, and syllable mark)

• The places used in English (9 of them, with pictures)

• The manners (9 of them, with written descriptions/examples)

I have a free demo deck over here so you can try it out ahead of time.  Feel free to use the demo deck as a template for making your own deck if you prefer (you learn a lot that way!)

These cards are designed to be a supplement to my video tutorials on English Pronunciation.  Watch those first.  Then watch this walkthrough, which takes you through each card.

Notes and links:
Installation tutorial
• About charging for Anki decks

•  A couple of Windows users are reporting seeing black bars instead of IPA symbols in the extra notes section of some of the cards.  This is a font issue, and you can fix it by going into Deck Properties>Basic>Edit>Card Layout for each template and changing the
font from Arial to Arial MS Unicode for each field.  This will be fixed for future decks once Anki 2.0 comes out.  Sorry for any inconvenience!

English Pronunciation Anki Deck

Order The English Pronunciation / Internationational Phonetic Alphabet Anki Deck English Pronunciation Anki Deck @ $3.00

4 Responses to The English Pronunciation and International Phonetic Alphabet Anki Deck

  1. Livonor says:

    you translated it in google translator? because it is full of errors :/ . You should leave the post in English even. I know you do not speak Portuguese, but a guy who deals with languages ​​making a post full of errors gives a bad impression

    • Stephanie says:

      It is in English. You must be using your browser to translate it into Portuguese, which is why you are having the errors.

      This whole site is in English.

    • gwyner says:

      Hi Livonor. Yeah, it’s an automatic google translate plugin. I need to reconfigure it so that it’s more obvious what it’s doing! Apologies for the confusion.

  2. Neil Durbin says:

    I would definitely buy your anki deck however paypal has frozen my account for an unexplained reason. If any other payment options are available please let me know.

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