Workshops at the University of Vienna! (and other news)

In partnership with the Online School for Unconventional Academics, I’m putting on a day-long language learning workshop at the University of Vienna on March 30th, 2013. (And if there’s enough interest, an additional two workshops in April and May) If any of you are nearby, then check it out! For those of you who aren’t in Vienna, you might find the little workshop website entertaining anyways; there’s a 20 minute interview about language learning methods, and a little demo of my languages.

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Learning grammar and abstract words without translation

We’ve covered grammar a few times in the past, but as I’m in the middle of writing the grammar chapter in my book, this might be a nice opportunity to go through grammar in some depth. Continue reading

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Preposition Images for Anki

Screen Shot 2013-02-08 at 12.59.23 PM

Just a short post that should prove useful if you’ve had trouble finding good pictures for prepositions (on, over, between) or directions (up, down, top, bottom). I found a lovely image of 29 prepositions in English on a language learning site for French students of English, Angloxchange. It has a bunch of English labels on it, but I cut the image up into little chunks, so you should be able to drag and drop your favorites into Anki.

You’ll find the (cut up) image over here

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