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Just a short post that should prove useful if you’ve had trouble finding good pictures for prepositions (on, over, between) or directions (up, down, top, bottom). I found a lovely image of 29 prepositions in English on a language learning site for French students of English, Angloxchange. It has a bunch of English labels on it, but I cut the image up into little chunks, so you should be able to drag and drop your favorites into Anki.

You’ll find the (cut up) image over here

New: A reader just suggested a Slovak website with 12 preposition images in the forms of cute sheep. If you prefer sheep to red balls, check them out here.

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8 Responses to Preposition Images for Anki

  1. Vincent says:

    Really cool! I was having trouble expressing all of these prepositions. Thanks for taking a burden!

  2. Tony says:

    Do you have a similar post for verb images that can be placed on Anki? I am having problems finding images that match some of the verbs.

  3. José Antonio says:

    Thanks a lot for the pics Gabriel.
    By the way, I’m selecting/creating some pictures for the “first 400 words” you recommend. But I don’t get what you mean when you recommend using a calendar and a clock to learn times. Do you mean creating many calendar & clock images for many time & date combinations?
    And when creating images for verbs, do you “write” on the image the word “action”, “verb” or something to let you know what is the question asking for? Maybe you just trust yourself to remember what the image is about, as you created it.

    Thanks again.

    • gwyner says:

      Hi José

      I mean using an image like this:

      and then saying “31 = ____” “1 = ___” etc.

      For times, you can usually find pictures of 60-minute timers or the hour hands of a clock. Using those pictures plus a little extra info (60 x minuto = ___) (60 x _____ = ora) will nail down time.

      For verbs and adjectives (and anywhere else that’s unclear, like “daughter” vs “niece” or something), I’ll definitely write extra information under the picture, as long as that info is not in English (so I’ll look up the word in my language for “verb”, or I’ll write in the name of my niece)

      • José Antonio says:

        Thanks Gabe. I think I get it now.

        It seems I misunderstood the point. I thought it was about learning how to say complete sentences like when you say “It’s a quarter to eight” or “It’s December 12, 2013″, etc.

        I forgot it’s just about vocabulary, not about making complete sentences, grammar, idioms, etc.

        Thanks for your tips about difficult “picturable” words.

        By the way, I was wondering if you ever sang the role of Pinkerton in Madame Butterfly but, if I’m not mistaken, that role must be sung by a tenor. I’ve heard that opera many times because my father loves it.

        • gwyner says:

          I tried being a tenor for a year and a half (and sang Pinkerton’s Amore e grillo), but in the end, it didn’t quite work. :)

          Having some high notes and being a tenor aren’t quite the same, as it turns out!

  4. win 7 says:

    thanks for you win 7 home.

  5. José Antonio says:

    Here’s a link someone may find useful for getting pics for his/her deck.

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