My next language project: Hungarian

Today marks the end of Russian and the beginning of Hungarian. I plan to spend 6-12 months on the language, and I’m aiming for an intermediate, moderately comfortable level of speaking (and the ability to read a book and handle a dubbed American TV series [which hopefully exists! Haven't yet checked]) Continue reading

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Pronunciation Trainer Betatest!

Happy December to all! I’ve designed an early beta version of a pronunciation training deck that should hopefully teach you to hear several new sounds in French, Italian, German, Russian and American English (and a voiceless palatal stop, for good measure). I’m looking for volunteers who meet the following three requirements: Continue reading

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Survey Results (The Difficult Sounds of German for English speakers)

Thanks to all who participated.  Here are the (most important) word pairs that caused problems:

Scale: 1 – Sound the same (mit/mit).  2 – Very Similar (drücken/drucken).  3 – Similar (Pfüte, Pföte).  4 – Different (Pfeet/Pfit).  5 – Completely different (Meat/Mat)

Continue reading

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