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    How long does making cards take?

    Today I got a chance to try and answer the question - ‘How long does making new cards in Anki take?’

    I’ve tested this out in English before, timing how long it took me to find pictures and add them to Anki for a bunch of color words (cardinal, violet, indigo, etc), and that came out to 12 seconds per word, and 6 seconds per card (One card with a picture on the front, word on the back, and the other card reversed).  You’ll get periods like this in the beginning, when you’re filling in the base vocabulary that’s particularly easy to do in Google images.

    Today I got to time how long it takes when the words are more complex.  I had run out of new Russian cards earlier this week (around 2200 cards learned in a little more than 3 months), and so it was time to make some new ones.  I had already skimmed through my Frequency List and marked the cards I still needed, and put extra marks next to the ones that were relatively easy to portray.

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    Base vocabulary list for all languages!

    I’ve written a base vocabulary list of 400 words.  You can dump these into Anki right at the beginning to give you some words to play with.  This will give you some time to start learning grammar and checking words off of your target language’s frequency list.


    Minor cosmetic updates, and added Harry Potter books to the Learn Russian page.

    Man, videos take a long time!

    Alright, 3 videos done, 3-4 to go this week. These take an enormous amount of work! I’m kind of shocked! Anyways, I hope they’re helpful! I’ve covered:

    1: How to install and set up Anki/Ankiweb/Dropbox (Mac version) 2: The basic idea - how to start making your picture cards 3: First tutorial on English pronunciation and the International Phonetic Alphabet (Voicing and Place)

    Videos 1-2 are up, #3 needs some tweaking and will be up this weekend. Still on the docket:

    Tutorial 2 on Pronunciation: Manner/The English Consonants Tutorial 3 on Pronunciation: Intro to Vowels 1 Tutorial 4 on Pronunciation: Intro to Vowels 2