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  • The Vowels Video is done! Book Agent, pronunciation help, site updates, la la la.

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    Video News: The last English Pronunciation and International Phonetic Alphabet video is done!  Check it out here (or directly on YouTube).  Future videos plans in the short term include: French/German/Italian Pronunciation.  Medium term: Russian Pronunciation.  Longer term: Who knows!

    Pronunciation Help: Once you’ve seen the vowel video, you can use these charts to compare your target language’s vowels to your own vowels.

    Book News: We’re represented!  The wonderful Lisa DiMona at Lark Productions is representing the book, and the final final proposal is just about ready!

    Site Updates: A few minor repairs, corrections and organizational fixes.  Added StumbleUpon buttons (go click them! Yay!).  A reader found a nice concise Spanish pronunciation guide that I’ve added to the Spanish section.  I’ve found some neat Chinese resources (for learning tones and entering characters), and I’ve put them up on the Learn Mandarin Chinese page.

    3 thoughts on “The Vowels Video is done! Book Agent, pronunciation help, site updates, la la la.

    1. Josh

      Just finished memorizing the English IPA deck in less than a week and only 15 minute chunks here and there before work or after the kids go to bed and I’m already addicted; thank you! I’m about to start creating a pronounciation deck to go along with my study of “Pronounce it Perfectly in French” and was wondering if there is an easy way to type IPA characters into Anki? I have both Mac and PC. My apologies if this is posted somewhere else, but I don’t remember coming across it yet. Thanks again, and am looking forward to the book.


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