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Dictionary Reviews (A beginning: Pronunciation info)

This is some early bookstore research, which is the start of a set of (hopefully useful) dictionary reviews. I went to two large bookstores (The enormous Half Price Books and the equally enormous Barnes & Noble in Dallas) and wrote … Continue reading

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How to learn a language’s sound system with Anki

I’ve been fielding questions about my methods for Hungarian and how they might work for a less phonetic language like French, with multiple ways of spelling a single sound. Today, I made a 44-card sample deck for French, which you’re … Continue reading

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Video: The Sounds of French (aka “How to learn lots of new vowels”)

The first French video is done, and it should be helpful for learners of any language.  French is an extremely vowel-heavy language, and the stuff I recommend in this video for developing those vowel sounds in your ear/mouth will be … Continue reading

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