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Video: The Sounds of French (aka “How to learn lots of new vowels”)

The first French video is done, and it should be helpful for learners of any language.  French is an extremely vowel-heavy language, and the stuff I recommend in this video for developing those vowel sounds in your ear/mouth will be … Continue reading

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The Vowels Video is done! Book Agent, pronunciation help, site updates, la la la.

Video News: The last English Pronunciation and International Phonetic Alphabet video is done!  Check it out here (or directly on YouTube).  Future videos plans in the short term include: French/German/Italian Pronunciation.  Medium term: Russian Pronunciation.  Longer term: Who knows! Pronunciation Help: Once … Continue reading

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Huge ridiculous update (New video, new store, new video page, blah blah)

Wow I’m pooped.  Ok here’s what’s new: • The next pronunciation video is done.  Check it out here.  (or here for the direct youtube link) • The video page has been completely redone; it’s a lot friendlier. • The Tower … Continue reading

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