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The Assimil Method - some thoughts

Recently, a reader asked me whether I had heard of the Assimil method, and whether I’d recommend it or not. I had never really looked into them, and now that I’ve done a bit of research, I can comment a … Continue reading

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On dealing with non-phonetic languages like Chinese (And how to deal with homophones in any language)

I keep addressing this question in various forum/comment discussions, but I should discuss it here, because it addresses a lot of issues in a lot of languages.  The question is: How do I deal with a language that uses a … Continue reading

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Japanese added! Fonts changed, Social Media Buttons, Anki decks fixed..

Resources for learning Japanese have been added, as well as social media buttons (click like! It’s fun!), some cosmetic tweaks and the Italian and French Anki deck links have been fixed (under Languages -> Learn Italian/French/Russian) I’ve changed the website … Continue reading

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