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in general, you’re looking for a way to learn the correct pronunciation of the language, it’s alphabet (if necessary), a good grammar book, and a good vocabulary book.  Once you’re further along, you’ll need another grammar book and some reading material for fun. 

I’m using this page to store resources for other languages as I get them.  I’ll be expanding this page on a semi-regular basis and moving languages to their own pages as I research more resources.  Remember, I’ve made a base vocabulary list of 400 words to start you off!  After that, try some of these resources:


(Routledge) Frequency Dictionary:

Reviewers note that there’s no phonetic information

in this dictionary, which means you’ll have to get it



If you’re serious about perfecting your Czech

pronunciation, Timothy Cheek’s book,

Singing in Czech (with CD) is wonderful.

I don’t know why it’s so expensive nowadays!


A wonderful pronunciation guide for Dutch


(Routledge) Frequency Dictionary:

The first 350 most frequent words with example sentences

A nice resource over at

Linguee is a lovely dictionary resource, in that it shows you multiple example sentences for each word and tells you about each word’s relative frequency in the language. (Currently in English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese)


Specific Language Resources for other Languages